This is Luc Carroll. Or at the very least, a roughly approximate close to accurate novice attempt at an artist’s rendition of a very slightly idealised version in the likeness of what could be interpreted to be an illustration said to represent Luc.

Luc is a full-time student in the newly established Technological University of Dublin. There he is currently attending his third year of Creative Digital Media, a course he is very much enjoying half of.

Luc enjoys photography, sketching, and long walks on the beach. Luc is considered a master-level web designer, having dabbled in the first few lessons of Codecademy.

Luc refuses to face the facts, opting instead to believe the false truths he has built-up over the years to protect his fragile psyche from the harsh realities of the world. Luc continues to believe his true calling lies in the realms of digital illustration and graphic design, and that peppers and cucumbers are vegetables. Truly heartbreaking.