Many Happy Returns

Third Year: Drama Filmmaking

A group project following a Groundhog Day theme. Lots of dying, very fun. Recorded audio and occasionally filmed. Did some animation and illustrated the characters and backgrounds for the animated sequence. Edited the rough cut. Played the part of the Trickster.

Snake In The Eagle’s Shadow

Third Year: Sound Design

A large editing project which took way too long. Was tasked with doing a complete redub of a scene from any film. Chose to do a fight scene from Snake In The Eagle’s Shadow, an old Cantonese martial arts flick by Jackie Chan, in the hopes that the poor voice-over quality would fit. Did not consider the hundred or so times the characters swing at each other.


Third Year: Sound Design

A small editing project, was tasked with remaking the opening scene from Drive with new sound effects and music. Forgot to add footsteps. But who needs ’em.


Second Year: Group Project

Did a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff for this, but was primarily a character and background artist.

Darth Vader Is Not An Engineer

First Year: Visual Creativity / Universal Design

Group project created for the 2017 AHEAD debate on whether or not Darth Vader could be considered a good engineer. Tasked with designing a presentation which does not require speech, so this is purely visual. We won somehow, may or may not have had something to do with me being the only person there to have actually seen the films.

Discover Phoenix Park

First Year: Introduction To Digital Media

Was required to produce an informative video on a location of choice. First real attempt at filming and editing something together. The voiceover is kinda whispy since for some reason I decided to I whisper it to the laptop microphone in my bedroom instead of, like, recording it at normal speaking volume like a reasonable human being.

Memories of ITB

First Year: Introduction To Digital Media

An assignment meant to introduce us to the basics of video production. Memories of ITB was a slideshow cataloguing our first two weeks in the course, made three weeks into the course. Really just here for nostalgia’s sake, since a bunch of these people have dropped out by now.